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Security Score FAQs

Cybersecurity is the protection of Internet-connected computer systems from cyberattacks such as theft or damage to the hardware, software, or data, as well as from disruption of the services provided. It is all about protecting the organization's data, devices, and users.

Cybersecurity Assessment is the process of evaluating, analyzing, and identifying the risks, gaps, and inconsistencies that may make an organization, a network, or a user susceptible to cyber-attacks. It identifies the assets that could be affected and provides supervision to eliminate those risks to ensure the overall protection of your users, organization, and organization data.

An instant Cyber Security Assessment will identify the risks, gaps, and inconsistencies in your environment for you and help you, contact professionals, to eliminate those identified risks, gaps, and inconsistencies. In other words, it will help you take necessary measures to eliminate attacks before they happen so that you won’t have to spend any time or resources for recovery or remediation.

Comodo Security Scorecard continuously collects data from publicly available and open-source feeds across the Internet for an outside-in, hacker perspective of an organization’s cyber security posture. The collected data is then analyzed by our machine-learning and AI-backed engines, as well data scientists, and a score for 10 key categories and for an overall grade are calculated.

Your score will be active and reachable for 30 days and you can ask for another assessment with the same email account after 30 days. Please note that your score might change in this 30-days span as the assessments are live and retrieved again any time you click the link to view your score.

  • Dark web stolen credentials for auction
  • DNS Health Ranking
  • Software Vulnerability Patching
  • Work email addresses used on social platforms
  • How your security risk changes over time
  • How your security posture ranks against competitors

What is EDR? EDR refers to endpoint detection and response, a set of tools designed to identify & protect endpoints from cyber threats. Find out more.

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