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Find zero-day malware with your free scanning tool

The Comodo Unknown File Hunter tool lets users scan entire networks looking for unknown files and then upload them to Valkyrie to be analyzed.

Valkyrie analyses the entire file's run-time behavior and is, therefore, more effective in detecting zero-day threats than the signature-based detection systems used by traditional antivirus products. Users can upload files to be scanned and view scan results in various dashboards and reports from the Valkyrie console. Valkyrie analysis systems use multiple techniques to ensure that every file submitted is thoroughly examined before presenting the verdict. Valkyrie employs two types of technologies: Automatic analysis and Human Expert analysis.

How to get access to zero-day hunter in minutes:
  • Complete the request form on this page
  • You'll receive a download button to install the scanning tool
  • Run the Zero-Day Malware Hunter to find any unknown threats
  • Our security team will contact you have any red flags or incidents

An EDR is a program designed to detect and remove viruses and malicious software from your computer or laptop.

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