Find hidden threats with your free forensic scan tool

Did you know over 450,000 new malicious programs (malware) and potentially unwanted applications (PUA) are created every day?

Find hidden threats with your free forensic scan tool. Security vendors protect against known threats, but do not stop new threat signatures!
The free forensic scan tool will find any hidden new malware or PUA.

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Forensic Scan FAQs

Why should I run a forensic scan?

Many endpoint security frameworks have historically been based on the notion that cyberthreats are inevitable and best addressed once they are identified “inside the network.” With a default-allow security posture, organizations are allowing unknown, never-seen-before threats into their network. Because these technologies rely on bad indicators, unknown threats are freely allowed inside the network, putting organizations at risk. While they are protecting against known threats, how do organizations prevent damage from threats not recognized by their current endpoint solution? This assessment will identify if your endpoints are at risk.

What results will I receive by running this forensic scan?

Total Safe Files
Identify how many safe files under 25mb are residing on your Windows endpoint.

Total Malicious Files
Identify how many malicious files under 25mb are residing on your Windows endpoint.

Total Unknown Files
Identify how many unknown files under 25mb are residing on your Windows endpoint.

How do I receive my forensic scan results?

You’ll receive your results directly from the forensic scan tool, as well automatically by email once the deep scans are complete.

Can the forensic scan tool remove any discovered hidden threats?

The forensic scan will detect the total number of safe, malicious and unknown files residing on your device. However, to prevent and protect against these malicious and unknown threats that may be found on your device, a zero-trust endpoint solution is needed. Comodo’s Advanced Endpoint Protection can prevent 100% of unknown and malicious files from damaging your endpoints, with a seamless end-user experience. 

What type of forensic scans does the tool offer?

There are a selection of scan types and scan targets you can choose from. The recommended scan is the “Quick Assessment” for your own personal endpoint. The “Quick Assessment” on your own personal endpoint takes 10 minutes or less, depending on the total number of files residing on your device.

What endpoint components will the forensic scan review?
  • Your local computer (the endpoint)
  • Active Directory (if on a network)
  • Network Addresses 
  • User Workgroups
Are there any hidden costs for this forensic scan?

There are no hidden payments for this tool. Simply complete the form, sign up for the download, run the tool and get your results. Finding hidden threats is the first step to preventing the damage a breach will cause from these unknown files. Our security experts will reach out to you if you find hidden threats on your endpoint.

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