Gartner Report

The Long-Term Evolution of Endpoints
Will Reshape Enterprise Security

by Dionisio Zumerle May 1, 2019

According to Gartner, “Endpoints are becoming digital consumer experience enablers that are more tightly controlled and natively fortified against attacks. Security and risk management leaders must design long-term security and investment strategies that align with this technology trend.”


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Excellent product. It provides an all-in-one platform for tickets, Windows Updates and antivirus protection. Comodo also has other pieces that can be added at no additional cost. Anytime we have a problem, their service is top-notch (not that we had many problems). The best security software I have used in my 20+ years of experience.
Michael V.
Corporate Security Administrator
We got great and quick support. We currently have about 300 devices, all but one are windows devices, being managed by this product. There are scheduled updates on a regular basis and the tool runs really well. We manage several different customers with this product and it can be customized by customers to meet their needs which were an absolute must for us before moving ahead with the product. We have total control over the devices and are able to easily see and address any risk that comes up. 
James A.
Director, Technology