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Buyer's Guide to Endpoint
Protection Platforms in 2020:
Features you need for real-world security in today's threat landscape

Let’s take a look at the top cybersecurity trends of 2020, and how they
translate into must-have features for your endpoint protection platform.


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In this ever-changing environment, having a endpoint protection platform like Comodo Cybersecurity to support our growth is an absolute must. Your ability was proven when we called on you to help us with what we thought was an endemic problem, as previous attempts by others had failed to provide any solutions. Comodo brought unprecedented professionalism and diversity of talent; which quickly and effectively addressed our immediate and long-term needs.
Ryan T.
Corporate Information Technologies Director
We want to extend our great appreciation for the service Comodo Security Solutions has provided to our healthcare facilities. Functioning technology is crucial to providing our patients with the best experience possible, so it is wonderful to have built a strong relationship with a cybersecurity company we can trust.
William K.
Operations Manager, Technology