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We’re Making Improvements!

by Ken Levine on

A message from Xcitium
CEO, Ken Levine

As you may already be aware, Comodo Security Solutions has become Xcitium. I am very excited to share this news with our customers and partners around the world. After careful discussion and extensive external testing, I am proud to be part of the next phase of our journey and unleash the Power of Zero! 

Now is the perfect time to launch Xcitium and restate our singular mission – once and for all stop the damage from undetected and unknown malware. During the past few years, as Comodo, we have developed a patented technology for detecting, stopping, and isolating cyber-attacks before they do any damage inside organizations. How? Zero Threat Technology that uses patented Kernel API Virtualization to prevent any unknown malware from accessing systems or resources. This technology is protecting over 3,000 active organizational customers & partners globally to date.

CyberSecurity continues to show a steady increase in spending, yet the problems remain. Each year the industry’s products and technology improve, and there are no shortages of tools out there. However, the adversaries maintain an unfair advantage- they only need to be right once, customers and organizations need to be right 100% of the time. Adding to the unfairness of the fight, mid-size and small businesses are being targeted at an astonishingly accelerated rate precisely because they do not have the human or financial capital to procure and implement one of everything. 

Hence, Xcitium is proud to bring its unique technology to render threats useless without any disruption to a customer’s workflow in a consumable model for enterprises and MSPs of all sizes. Regardless of cybersecurity maturity within any organization, the next step for cyber protection is Zero Threat Virtualization. 

Whether a customer is using just our Zero Threat product to improve and augment their existing endpoint, or a customer is using our full endpoint protection suite, we are committed to providing the absolute best in endpoint protection, professional services and customer support including onboarding new & existing customers onto our managed detection & response platform – powered by Zero Threat.

To all of our employees, thank you for your overwhelming participation in, and support of, this effort in becoming Xcitium.  

And to all our existing customers and partners, thank you for your patience during this rebrand, and of course for all you have done for Comodo.  

Zero Threat, Zero Damage, Zero Breach- Let's go!  

If you found our article insightful then why not see how Xcitium can help your organization prevent cyber-attacks at runtime? Contact us or request a free demo.

Ken Levine

Ken Levine