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A message from Comodo CEO, Ken Levine

by Comodo on

The recent, unprecedented attack on peace and stability in Ukraine has captured the whole world’s attention. Comodo has had longstanding operations in Ukraine. To our staff and families- you are our co-workers, partners, and family. We will support you in any way we can. At the same time, we continue to take steps to offer our customers the only Active Breach Prevention platform on the market.

We are actively monitoring the global threat landscape to identify bad actors attempting to exploit the current conflict, and who want to instigate further cyber disruptions. Some are lone threat actors stirring up the maelstrom; others are governments and sophisticated criminal organizations engaged in attacks on Chernobyl, banks, and infrastructural systems. Many of these threats will radiate around the globe; the impact and threat to all businesses is real. Protecting your organization from these threats is a high priority. Comodo is highly resilient and is actively mobilized to protect its Ukrainian assets and community, the Eastern European region at large, and the ever more dangerous threat landscape globally. Do consider the following immediate action items offered here to help you protect your organization:

Prioritize employee cyber training regarding phishing and scam site lures

Conduct daily, business-wide application patching

Rollout multifactor authentication

Consider implementing blocking rules for sanctioned IPs known to originate from Russia

Learn more about worldwide threat actors and source/destination attacks in the conflict region and around the world 

During these times where Russian aggression comes with threats of launching unprecedented cyberattacks into an already dangerous environment, we at Comodo try to walk the fine line trying to help without sounding like opportunists. The fact is, we stop what others miss.

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